Overwatch game

Owerwatch game

There are many good things to say about Overwatch. Either the Gameplay, Graphics, weapons, or characters, Overwatch is one of my favourite online games.

There isn’t really much plot and story line towards this game, but it can be REALLY addicting.
The graphics are Bright, colourful, and has a natural like tone.
I also love the design of the maps and the work put into it. Though sometimes the maps can appear large but become smaller as you explore.

My favourite part of this game is the characters. We have your tanks, snipers, healers and etc.
All of the characters have different abilities as well as weapons. And don’t get me started on their personalities and interactions.


Overwatch has done a challenge some other games couldn’t do. To give the characters personalities.

What’s even better is how they all act with each other. Some may be friends together, enemies, related, partners in crime, or soulmates, but what’s best is how each character is able to have a conversation.
If you didn’t know, you may hear the voices of your characters.

Either gossiping with another, insulting, or the occasional “I NEED HEALING.” Overwatch has done an amazing job with the characters. I cannot wait for more, Blizzard!