Assassin’s creed Syndicate

Assassins creed Syndicate
Assassins creed Syndicate

If it wasn’t for Assassin’s creed 3 and syndicate, I wouldn’t Have found the Assassin’s creed fandom this thrilling.

Assassin’s creed Syndicate is the latest game of the franchise. Playing as both male and Female twin assassins, Jacob and Evie Frye, you set out to defeat the Templar domination of London. As well as to stop the control of the master Templar, Crawford Starrick.

With Evie frye’s dedication to finding the pieces of Eden. And Jacob frye wanting to start a gang, both do realize London must be perished.


From that moment on, the frye twins have created a gang, the Rooks. Their Goal is to Get rid of both Templar’s and their gangs, the blighters. With the help of Henry Green and others, such as Charles Dickens and Queen Elizabeth, they’ll make a hard stop to the Domination of beloved London.

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